Monday, March 02, 2009

First snow storm of March 2009- Lets hope its the last!

Keira watching daddy snow blow

Mike having fun with his new snow blower.

We have probably 10-12 inches and its still snowing!!!! Its almost time for round 2 of snow blowing. I'm sure Mike is dreading it..... :o)


Alli said...

if he gets bored, he can always load that up in the truck and head over to our place. :D our blower was fixed for about a day. i'm not looking forward to coming home tonight!

caroline said...

We got a lot of snow but not as much as you! At least Mike likes to do it haha it'd suck if he had to do it so often but hated it.

MommyKW said...

We were on the edge, so we got about an inch! But, school was still closed today!

alexish5 said...

I love the first pic of her looking out the window to see her daddy!