Sunday, March 29, 2009

Listen closely..

There is nothing to see in this video.. I am hiding so Keira can't see the camera. This was taken about 5 min after she got a time out for throwing her plate on the floor. In her mind whatever happens to her happens to the baby. When she gets a time out or has to take her inhaler she inflicts the same punishment on the baby. The baby gets a time out / or has to take medicine too.
While in time out we told her throwing her plates/cups etc is naughty and bad. We said " No, you don't throw plates" I also tell her it makes me sad when she is naughty.
If you listen you can hear her telling her baby that she is naughty and bad. She also says no and sad. After I stopped the camera she said "Time out, bed" which is where she had to sit for her time out.


caroline said...

HAHAHAHAHA I love it!!!

Jennifer said...

Its funny the things they pick up on. They pay attention in detail.