Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy Saturday-

One dedicated blogger reader has informed me that it has been several days since my last post so I figured I had better get blogging....
So our snow is still hanging around b/c our highs have only been in the high 30's low 40's- Please no comments about how you are enjoying spring, watching flowers bloom, etc- they aren't welcome!!!
We have been rather busy with holy week activities hence the lack of posts- also Neither Mike nor I had good Friday off so its been a busy couple of days. Thurs eve was mass, washing of the feet- and then our parish has this really awsome tradition where they process through the streets of manch vegas with the Eucharist and a couple hundred people singing with candles- Its very moving and beautiful. The local newspaper claims we walked 2 miles but in reality its really less than a mile I believe. This year it was very cold not quiet as enjoyable as last year where it was warm and balmy.
Last night was the good Friday celebration and then a bunch of our friends came over to watch Mel Gibson's Passion movie- its become a yearly good Friday tradition to watch that movie.
Anyways- so 2 hours of church Thurs night, Friday night, and tonight we are going to the vigil which is sooooooo cool and beautiful but also a full three hours long. Mike is lecturing so he will be up on the alter and I will probably be in the back trying to stay awake. :o) I normally start falling asleep on the couch around 8ish and last night we were up late watching the movie so this should be interesting!
In other news- we are picking up the truck today- so we will post pics so you can all see our "man truck" as mike likes to call it. For whoever that asked- the truck has a second row seat or back seat so we will be able to throw Keira's car seat in the back in the rare occasion that we all ride in it- its mostly to haul stuff from Home Depot and Lowe's. We have had 2 people interested in the Jetta- one was a complete scam from some guy in the UK who offered to send us a "check" for 18,000 ( we are selling the jetta for 10,000) and then he wanted us to send him a check for 8,000- how he was going to pick the car up being that he lives in the UK is beyond us.... We told him to get lost......
Tomorrow we are headed to my dad's house for Easter breakfast and lunch and to hang out with my family and then to Mike's aunt's house for Easter dinner. We will post some pics of our siblings cute munchkins enjoying Easter... :o)
Stay tuned for truck pictures!!!!

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sarah said...

Have a happy easter! I hope it warms up soon there! It is freezing here too if it makes you feel any better.