Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm sunday to you all!! We went to a very beautiful (and long) Palm Sunday mass this morning and are going to a confession service thingy this evening so we are all geared up for holy week. :o)

In other news- Mike has been wanting a truck for a while now. We usually end up borrowing his parents trailer every other weekend so we can haul things from Home Depot or Lowe's for home projects or to help someone move. Well Mike's friends dad is selling his truck... Its a pretty old truck but in good condition and once I quit work to stay at home with the baby we really don't need two nice cars anyways. So yeah today we bought a truck. We don't pick it up till next weekend but I think Mike is pretty excited to have his "man truck" as he calls it. Its an extended cab chevy truck. We will be sure to post some pics when we get the truck.So if you know anyone that wants to buy a VW Jetta.... send them our way.

I just found out one of my best friends is pregnant. Its pretty funny b/c me and 2 of my best friends have been friends for years ( since like grade school)- and this past year we all got married within a year of each other and now we are all pregnant at the same time!!!!!! Its always better to be in the miserable pregnant club with familiar faces.

Well - I need to go put the finishing touches on dinner.

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Sarah said...

I think I know what friend you are talking about! How exciting!