Thursday, April 05, 2007

WHY! WHY! WHY! DO I have to wakeup to this!! is April 5th...Puxatawny Phil stated that spring would be coming sooner...yeah so much for that you stupid rodent!!! It has SNOWED!!!!!!!!!! looks just like the first snow of the season...and I thought I would bring you pictures before we head to work...

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Mark & Niki said...

Your shopping bill isn't that bad. Niki + Grocery shopping = 450 Euro down the tube! She claims it is all because of Ari and I....but I don't buy it.

Oh, by the way, its sunny and low 60's here. Just had tea on our back patio, sitting in short sleaves watching our flowers in full bloom...are you jealous yet?

Give Mike a break on the fruit snacks...being pregnant, I am sure you have your cravings too.