Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Truck - 4MNTOWN

So...I got the new truck...and it is MANLY (ARR...ARR...ARRRR) are some pics. I wanted to get vanity plates, but apparently it isn't in the budget- I don't know why ;)...


Mark & Niki said...

Really, how often do you haul things....or how often are you going to haul things in the futurue? To buy a truck is great and even somewhat desireable (despite the gas mileage ratio) but to use the excuse of needing it to haul things, I think is rather funny. That is, unless you still have a lot of projects to do on the house. I mean, do you really need to spend $2,000 just to haul things, or is it, you just wanted to buy a truck. I think the later may be more true, but I am 4,000 miles away and just guessing.

I love the pictures of Easter and the truck. Have Mike post a picture of you driving the truck--now that will be a keeper!

Love to all,


Hippert said...

lol, For the last month it has been about once a week that we have to run over to His parents house to grab their SUV and trailer! that doesn't count all the times we cram something in the car, and a few of the times we used the trailer it was for multiple trips.

Could he have been able to get away with using his parents SUV and trailer? Probaly, but you could ask the same of anyone, could you get by with not owning a car? I bet most people could if you think about it.

It's not a matter of wanting a truck, it's a matter of saving time and using that time to spend with your family! The Truck will be used a lot, trust me there are pleny of projects in that house!