Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ugly Snow!!!!

OK- I really don't have anything to say.. but I do have to whine. It's April 4th and all the snow had FINALLY melted from our yard. I was starting to put together my landscaping plans and was envisioning blooming flowers... and now it's snowing and snowing and not stopping. It's been snowing since about 2:30 pm and it's really beginning to collect now. Oh and in case you didn't already figure it out- IT'S also COLD!!!! GRRRRRR. yes snow really isn't ugly- it's really beautiful- but in Dec not in April.

Ohhhh and while I am whining and complaining I might as well get a few other things off my chest. My least favorite chore of all time is grocery shopping- If you ever think you have alot of money you should go grocery shopping- I have never seen 150 dollars disappear so fast!!!!! And that is without buying anything organic or anything really yummy or junk foodish!! Can you tell I just went grocery shopping??? Lately I have been making Mike go with me so it's not quite so painful and Mike grocery shopping = more $$$ spent and more unneccesary food bought- like 10 boxes of fruit snacks...(Mike's reasoning- they were Buy 1 Get One Free!!!!)

Ohh ok last whine of the day- Anyone else watching American Idol???- yes we are lame and boring and yes we watch American Idol every tues/wed night... there is nothing else on basic TV...Anyways for anyone that watches it- the WORST singer of all time has yet to get voted off the show.. what on earth is wrong with Amercia???? Seriously!!!!!! He is soooo bad that Simon claims he will quit doing the show if Sanjaya Malakar wins!! Not to mention Sanjaya Malakar has the worst hair of all time!!!!

Ok I promise I am done whining for now.... but be warned- If the sun doesn't decide to come out soon I am going to turn into a very cranky woman- no sunshine + toxic levels of estrogen= not a happy person. :o)

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