Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nothing like a little Catholic Guilt to depress you on a Dreary Wednesday.

Tanya and I have tried to do our best to fulfill what we had stated at the beginning of Lent we would do (nothing big...just an hour of adoration per week). Ok...we need to stop kidding ourselves because no matter how many times we say "we tried" or whatever, something always came up that took over that time we should have set aside...I could use Tanya's pregnancy as an excuse because she is often tired and needs to eat constantly, can't get comfortable (sitting, standing, lying down), her back is hurting from the extra weight (and she already had back problems) but that shouldn't have stopped ME from going to Adoration!! Even though we made the commitment to go to adoration once a week for an hour; we probably have gone a cumulative 2 hours during Lent :(

Our only saving grace is that Tanya also wanted us to read the daily readings and use the Magnificat as well as a book by Fr. Benedict's on meditations during Lent. We were more successful with this, but still far from where we should have been. When we were engaged, it seemed that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was prevalent and it was easy to pray the rosary on a daily basis, go to daily mass and go to adoration 2-3 times a week. But now that we are married and need the grace as much as when we were single, it seems that the house, work, baby, life all take precedence over God. We constantly maintain that we will do better when the baby is born or whatever but there is no time like the present.

On a lighter subject, we babysat the Allain Children last night, ended up being just Dominic because Nick and Noah had a Boy Scout meeting. Dominic is SO smart for his age and, if you didn't already know, he LOVES Blue's Clues and constantly dances and sings the Blue's Clues songs as well as quotes the show. We were sitting on the couch watching TV and Dominic comes up to me and points at my 5 o' clock shadow and says "Sprinkles" which cracks Tanya and I up!!

On a sad note, the windmill is gone :( My uncle picked it up last night. Now if only we could get someone to take away our "pristine" fence...Our basement (on the side opposite man town) is empty. We gave Brian our washer and dryer and Family Outfitters our "sweet" wooden couch and loveseat. Manton has started creeping over to the other side of the basement as now their is a broken down snow blower down there with probably a crudded up carburetor...

Well the Jetta is on Craigslist for all to see...hopefully we can sell it.


WE ARE SUPPOSED TO GET 2-6 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow and the snow blower is broken in the basement. I also have to drive to Worcester tomorrow for the Monthly IT meeting :(

Now I have something for our dedicated reader to comment on.............................A little over a month from now is our 1-year anniversary (May 12, 2006 we were married) and being the typical guy, I can't think of anything to do for if you can help out...that would be great...and PLEASE bring something creative to the table as flowers is NOT creative ;)


Sarah said...

DATE NIGHT! Go out! You won't be able to do this as much soon. Dinner and a movie is a nice stand by. Do you have any favorite places you went while you were dating? If you can't afford to go out make Tanya dinner (or whatever meal..) and do all the prep and clean up. Rent a movie or go out and see one. And be sure to look at your awesome wedding pictures to bring back memories or your special day. Just my 2 cents.

Mark & Niki said...

Way to get rid of the windmill.

By the way, what 20 year old couple has a snow blower? Isn't that for old retired folks?

mike said...

Hey on Mary's last trip out here I brought her to one of her favorite authors old homes The Alcott house (author of Little Woman). She loved it! There has to be something you could bring her too that she would really enjoy!

But then again, she's going to be even more pregnant by then, and I know she doesn't want to spend much time in the car right now,,,

And apparently someone doesn't know how manly a Snow Blower is! And come on, this is 2007, do we use a sickle to cut the lawn?