Monday, April 02, 2007

rainy monday.. :o(

Hmm- its definitely Monday. And definitely one of those days where you just want to stay in bed forever. Its horribly cold, gloomy and cloudy out today- not my idea of a April spring day. Our alarm goes off at 7 am each morning and for some reason ( I think b/c Mike despises getting out of bed) I usually have to get up first and then drag him out of bed. I don't have as hard of time getting up b/c either I HAVE to go to the bathroom ( courtesy of 3lb Keira sitting on my bladder) or I HAVE to eat something or throw-up ( again thanks for 3 lb Keira who is managing to control my life already). Well today I didn't have it in me- The alarm goes off and we both completely ignore it and go back to sleep- 15 min later I wake up and realize we are both still in bed- I tell Mike its about time he gets up first and he just mumbles- Well I decide that he needs to be the first to get up for once- So I push him out of the bed and he stands up and promptly falls back into bed... I am not about to be outdone so I push him out of the bed so I can steal 1 last min of lying in bed in his spot which is always so much warmer than my side of the bed. Finally he stands up and sleep walks to the bathroom and I move over and snuggle into his warm side of the bed!! HA HA I won!! ( Its the little things ya know???)

So after I finally managed to get out of bed I headed to the doctors office my my usual checkup- the doctor was running 30 min behind we were told but it was actually about 1 hour we waited for my 5 min visit. Everything checked out just fine and the doctor conformed my suspicions that Keira had indeed turned and was now in the head down position. So now instead of having to go to the bathroom every 10 min its more like every 5 min!!!

Anyways Mike has just informed me that he is not in the mood for eating leftovers - I guess its time to figure what to do about dinner...

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